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Home Organising
Home Organising



Home Organising means sorting out, decluttering and tidying your home.  My mission as a professional organiser is to help you sorting out and recognizing the items that have become superfluous. It will then mean finding a place for everything in the house and creating or reorganising storage space. For that purpose, I make sure that I apply common sense and ergonomics that will be adapted to your way of life and the habits of all the family members. 


How? The missions of a Home Organiser in a storage, a room or the whole house

  • Decluttering
  • Space clearing, optimisation of the cupboards space, wardrobes...
  • Creating storage space, furniture purchase
  • Assistance before moving
  • Seasonal clearing : dressing room, children clothes


  • Have you been planning for months to tidy the attic/the cellar but you don't seem to find the time and energy? 
  • Each cupboard you open is packed with a lot of belongings? Children's toys are everywhere? You definitely need to find space!
  • You are soon going to move and you want to empty beforehand?
  • You have recently lost a loved one, separated or divorced... Memories are difficult to live with but you don't seem to feel like throwing things away?
  • You wish you could have friends over more often? But the mere prospect of all the stuff you need to sort out and organise beforehand leads you to endlessly postpone?  

And now? I take action!

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