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Office Organising - Organise your office space
Office Organising - Organise your office space



Paper management is often a significant source of stress to many of us. The Office Organiser will assist you in sorting the piles of paper and will put in place a performing filing system and/or working environment. The objective is to find a customised system that meets the organization and the activities of everyone to save time and energy. The system must be integrated smoothly and automatically to ensure sustainability. This service aims at individuals as well as self-employed workers and SME's. 


How? The missions of an Office Organiser

  • Sorting and filing
  • Set up of a performing paper filing system
  • Document archiving
  • Digital file management (documents, pictures)
  • Mailbox management
  • Set up of home office
  • Optimisation of office spaces 
  • Preparation to move in/out



  • You see the pile of papers growing but you don't have the energy to tackle it?
  • You are losing time dealing with paperwork? You would be better to look for new clients and take care of existing ones? 
  • Are you launching a self-employed activity? Planning to work from home? Wondering how you can work efficiently from your place?
  • You are always paying your invoice late? You often misplace important documents
  • You are intending to move offices and you don't really know how you are going to set up your team?  
  • You are looking for a performing and sustainable filing and archiving system
  • Your order backlog is full. You are issuing your invoices after 2 months? Your clients are paying in the same way, after 2 months? 
  • You have many requests through your web site and do not arrive at contacting all of these prospects in a timely manner to give them feedback? 

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