Initiation workshops

Do you want to discover Home OrganisingHome Management or Office Organising? HooSphere provides initiation workshops.  This is a 2-hour discovery session in group or with your friends. The meeting can take place at your home or at another venue. The workshops are thematic, you choose the topic that suits you best. You will learn techniques, tips and tricks to start by yourself and restore the harmony and serenity at home and/or at the office. The workshops can also be organised "a la carte" as in-company training. 

Initiation workshops - Home Organising, Home Management or Office Organising
Initiation workshops - Home Organising, Home Management or Office Organising

Workshop n°1 : How to declutter my home

Belongings are everywhere - Toys, clothes, Christmas decorations, crockery, knick-knacks,... have invaded the house and clutter your living space. 

Workshop n°2 : How to manage my day-to-day at home? 

Manage your house like a business - Learn how to juggle with organisation : household chores, planning, routines, time management...

Workshop n°3 : How to deal with paperwork

Master paperwork, set up a filing system that is adapted and will last - Invoices, bank statements, correspondence, business cards, brochures... will fall into place! 

Workshop n°4 : How to get organised and improve my productivity

From time management to managing attention: At work, at home, how to manage my to-do's,  emails, projects and priorities. 

Pricing of the initiation workshops - 30€ per person

Offered if you host the workshop at home and welcome your friends.

The above pricing is in Euros, VAT included. 

Next workshops

  • How to manage my day-to-day at home ? Thursday 23rd May 2019, 6.30pm till 8.30pm, Physiotherapy Center Pauline Pierret, Sibret

Do you want to organise a workshop at home, please contact me !

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