Home Staging - How to promote your property for sale or for rent?

"You never get a second chance to make a good first impression". This old adage is really meaningful when you are selling or renting your property. 


Home Staging is a real estate marketing technique. The Home Stager will showcase the property to facilitate the sale or rental. In other words, how to make the property appealing to the larger number of people. 


Impulse purchase

Studies have shown that in 9 out of 10 cases, the buying decision is motivated by impulse. The soul of a home is sometimes overloaded with the previous owner's life. At the opposite, the soul of the home can be missing if it is a brand new building. 


Objectives of Home Staging 

  • Ease the sale : Upon deciding to sell your house and when you found a new place to live, it is rather stressful not to know whether the house will be sold.
  • Sell more swiftly : There are financial solutions to cover the period between the purchase of the new house and the sale of the old one. But these are generally rather expensive. Time is an essential factor, it is rather negative when things dragged on.  
  • Sell for more money : The aim is to maximise the number of offers and therefore to maximise the selling price. Studies have proven that Home Staging could increase the sale price of the property by more that 5%.   
Home staging
Home staging

Home Stager techniques

 The professional prepares the house for the sale with a minimum investment of time and money to maximise the chances of success. He/she uses different techniques of depersonalisation, organisation, decluttering and harmonisation of your home interior. 


The idea is to:

  • Create the "wow factor" for the prospective buyer
  • Make the buyer feel home and help them visualize the future life in the property
  • Improve the energy flow by removing all superfluous objects and creating a dynamic that would not exist if the property was empty.  

My approach

 With my professional eye, I put myself in the shoes of a prospective buyer. I identify the highlights of your property to emphasize them. I spot potential imperfections that could be perceived negatively by the buyer. I upstage the premises to create the "wow factor" that will seduce the candidate.

Home staging services and rates

Just in touch

First contact via email or telephone.

It is free and non-binding.

Quick fix

Detailed visit of the property and spoken advice. 


< 100 m² = 180€
Between 100 and 300 m² = 240€
> 300 m² = 300€

Deep fix

Detailed visit of the property, spoken and written advice. 


< 100 m² = 300€

Between 100 and 300 m² = 420€

> 300 m² = 560€

Follow-up staging

Detailed visit of the property, spoken and written advice. 

Project realization and follow up of the works. 


 On estimate

The above rates are in Euros, VAT included. 

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