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The place you live or work in tells a story. It speaks about you. It looks like you and, at the same time, it has an impact on you.

  • And you, do you like the story it tells? 
  • Do you feel comfortable home? At work? 
  • Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed? Lacking efficiency?
  • Invaded by clutter, swamped with tasks to do and to manage on a day-to-day... 
  • Your living or working space no longer suits you ? You want to change the look and feel?

Do you want to change this?

But how can you start and how to make sure that the result will meet your expectations? 


As a professional organiser and interior decorator, my mission is to advise, help and support you. My objectives for you are sorting, decluttering, organising, tidying,  developing, optimizing and decorating your living and/or working environment.

The objective: to make room, organise things so that everything has its rightful place, add colour and joy around you!  Ultimately, I aim to give you more time and energy, creating the right interior for your lifestyle!


You probably wonder: Why would you need a professional to organise and decorate?

  • My expertise will help you start quickly, to have a clear, precise and tailor-made plan of action.
  • My coaching will make you feel supported and will help you to keep your motivation and energy until the end. 
  • My vision "from the outside" will help you to make choices easily to sort out and to get rid of unnecessary or superfluous items.

Do you want to find out more about my experience...

Do you want to know how I can help you with your project ? 

HooSphere, at your service for...

Home & Office Organising

  • Is your home or office cluttered?
  • You cannot find anything anymore?
  • Your day-to-day activities are hectic?
  • Your desk has disappeared under tons of paper?

Home & Office Organising is made for you! Declutter, reorganise, rethink and simplify your life to spread new energies around you, at home or in the office. 


  • Are you an individual or a professional?
  • No longer like your interior decoration?
  • Do you want to add colour, change furniture, create a new atmosphere?
  • Have you got a few ideas or maybe none?

You deserve professional advice that meet your requirements : Colour, Decorating or Customised coaching

"La simplicité, c’est l’harmonie parfaite entre le beau, l’utile et le juste..."

Frank Lloyd Wright




Home & Office Organising




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Sabrina Charles-Crucifix

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