Hello !

My name is Sabrina. Since 2016, I have assisted my clients in decluttering, tidying, organising and decorating their house or office. 


We all have talents, skills in which we excel with ease, this is what I like to call the "shining zone". As far as I remember, I have always loved to tidy, to organise, to structure the places, the things,... to make life easier. This talent has been revealed step by step on my personal and professional paths.


When I created HooSphere, my objective was :

- to find for my clients an organisation that meets their requirements

- to pass on my know-how

- to help them create or rediscover an interior they like

- and especially to help them free up time for the things that really matter.



Mon experience


London and Paris 


After graduating, I had the opportunity to work in two palaces, beautiful hotels in which I first worked in the Housekeeping department. I was behind the scenes and discovered the demanding job of hospitality.

I was in charge of the coordination of the Department, I understood that an organised and structured environment could cope with any event. I learnt how to provide a quality service and to have an eye for detail and the taste for the aesthetic qualities of a place.  


Business centres


Manager of two business centres for more than 12 years, I welcomed and assisted international companies in their development. A business centre provides fully equipped office spaces and relevant services, from an individual office to an open space for several workers. I had to demonstrate a lot of creativity, imagination and practical sense to find the solutions for my clients in redeveloping, optimising or moving their office space. 


Home & Office Organiser


I had this project in mind for a long time and decided to undergo training courses.

First I had to challenge myself and test all the methods to my own organisation at home and at work.

Then, I read books, attended conferences and workshops and met key people to improve my knowledge and expertise.

The final aim being to share with others what helped me to sort things, gain a clearer understanding and set priorities to do what I like.



Home staging and decoration


A long-standing dream came true with a new training course in home staging and decoration techniques. The idea was, once the premises have been decluttered, to bring even more harmony through decoration. It was also for me the opportunity to use the professional skills acquired over the years in the real estate sector. 

My values

Listening and empathy

Listening is essential to understand your issues, your expectations but also your mode of operation. Each client is unique and different. There is more than one way of organising and setting up living and working space. There is a multitude. My role will be to find a method that is simple, efficient and sensible and that works. 


Respect and caring

We all have our own life. Respect is a fundamental prerequisite. I also faced difficult times when things were going out of control. My objective is to use my acquired skills to help others in their life without judgement. 


Discretion and confidentiality

Opening your house, your office means opening your privacy. My services are provided in total discretion and confidentiality which is the foundation of a relationship of trust. 

My passions


They are 2 and 12 years old and they are my drivers. Their smiles energize and bring my moods up!


Choosing good products, preparing, cooking and tasting is real fun for me. Laying a nice table, sharing the meal with friends and family is pure delight!


Cultivating and feeding the land, sowing, looking at the vegetables grow - these are powerful techniques for recharging my batteries and unwind.  


I like to go for a stroll with my camera to capture the beauty of the moment. Photography gives another reading of the reality. The eye of the photographer shows its own view of life. 


One of my favourite book is "Power Patate" from Florence Servan-Schreiber. Her book makes you aware that we all have super powers and it triggers you to act.

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"La simplicité, c’est l’harmonie parfaite entre le beau, l’utile et le juste..."

Frank Lloyd Wright




Home & Office Organising




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